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First of all, the Rams would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and showing your support for the Rams. It is a constant struggle to find the numbers and the right people to keep this program flowing and thanks to people like you, we anticipate another great season!

As you would expect, the safety of the children we work with is the top priority on several levels. Not only from a physical level, but also in making sure that we do our best to ensure that we get the right people to lead them through the season. One of the ways we ensure this, per Pop Warner policy, is that we are required to process and review Background Checks on all of our registered volunteers on a season by season basis.

As you may know, we do not store this information from season to season per it's sensitive nature (this includes the data collected and the reports generated) and is only made aware to the President of the Rams, Lou Simon,  and the Vice President, Tom McCarthy. Once, the review is complete, we make any necessary and discreet adjustments, certify our staff, and never look back at it.

Please complete and submit this form ASAP so that we can certify our staff, put one more of the required administrative tasks behind us, and bring all of our focus and attention to the field and fun we have planned.

- The link to the form is secure and at no time are results or confirmations containing results transmitted via email to the league or the volunteer that would risk compromising the content. Key items are encrypted and again, only viewable by those that need to process the background checks.