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Welcome Letter 2017



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Dear Parents/Legal Guardians,


The Coventry Rams Youth Football & Cheerleading Association is conducting registration of players and cheerleaders for the upcoming 2017 Pop Warner Football Season.  We expect to field seven football teams and seven cheerleading squads to participate in the Ocean State Pop Warner Football League.  This letter is intended to provide you with some basic information about our program.



The football teams are limited to the first 35 registrants on a first come, first served basis.  Any player who fails to have all the proper paperwork completed by Thursday, August 1st is not eligible to participate in practicesThe squads are determined by the Board, based upon experience, and league age (as of July 31st) and weight as follows:








While it is expected we will have seven (7) football teams, the Board reserves the right to create additional teams in the event there are sufficient numbers of players/cheerleaders to field extra teams.  The Board will put together the teams and their decision is final.


Players must attend an Official State Weigh-In on Saturday, TBA to certify their weight for placement on the official team roster.  Players who fail to make their team weight limit at the State Weigh-In are NOT eligible to play at the team level (weight limit) for the entire season.  However, if they exceed the weight limit, they would be eligible to play at the age/weight limit for the next higher of the above listed teams.  Once the regular season begins, players are allowed a weight increase of one pound per week, after the second game to a maximum of eight (8) pounds.  All players are weighed before each and every game during the season.  Failure to make the weight limit before a game will disqualify the player for that game only.  In the event a player misses the pregame weigh-in, the player may be weighed in at half time but only with the approval of the players coach and the approval from the opposing coach or league official.




Cheerleading squads are determined by the Board, based upon league age (5-16 as of July 31st), and experience.  The Board exercises its discretion and its decision is final.   State certification by age applies to all cheerleaders as well.  Any cheerleader who fails to have all the proper paper work completed by August 1st is not eligible to participate in practices. Flag,Tiny Mite and Mitey Mite Teams are non-competitive and will perform an exhibition.  All other cheerleaders will compete in the Ocean State Competition.  Information will also be made available regarding advancement to any Regional/National Spirit Competitions.  See dates below; locations will be forthcoming when available.  All new and returning cheerleaders, if needed, will be fitted for sneakers/accessories.  See Cheer Equipment Dates below.






There is absolutely NO refund of registration fees after the child has attended a practice.  This fee helps defray a portion of our operating expenses and, together with our extensive fundraising activities for your children, enables our organization to provide the following for your child: 

  • For Players – use of top quality protective football equipment, practice and game uniforms.
  • For Cheerleaders – use of cheerleader uniforms, indoor practice and competition/exhibition fees.
  • Accidental medical coverage for injuries which may occur while participating in our program. This insurance supplements any primary medical insurance, which you may have; it also provides limited medical coverage if no primary insurance is in place.
  • An annual banquet following the end of the season.             





All football and cheerleader practice sessions will tentatively be held at Rice Field, beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2017.




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday            6:00 PM to  8:15 PM                                     

Saturday                                       9:00AM to  11:00AM


Determined by Head coach             6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Practices for players will be reduced to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday once the school year begins.

Cheerleaders will also reduce practices to 3 evenings once the school year begins. Practices for non-competitive cheerleading teams are normally cut back to two (2) times per week. 

Indoor practice facilities for the cheerleaders will be announced in mid-September.




Parents/Legal Guardians must provide the following for their children:

1)  All new players and cheerleaders must submit an original birth certificate. 

2)  2016-2017 final complete report card to show academic fitness.  All participants must have maintained satisfactory progress in school, during the 2016-2017 school year, in order to maintain eligibility.

3)  A completed and signed Official Pop Warner Registration form.

4)  A completed and signed Official Pop Warner Medical and Fitness Form. This form must be completed and signed only by an examining physician stating that your child is physically fit to play football or participate in cheerleading activities.  Photo copies are not allowed.  It is required that all participants have an examination by a licensed physician prior to the first practice of the season.  This examination cannot take place earlier than January 1st of the current year.  The purpose is to discover any condition, which make it dangerous for individuals to participate in strenuous football/spirit activities.   If this form is not filled out properly (signed by physician on the form provided) and returned by the first day of practice, your child will NOT be able to participate in the program. 

5)  Players must provide their own football shoes, athletic supporter, all inclusive football pants and cup, and a mouthpiece.

6)  Cheerleaders must purchase pre-selected socks, sneakers, lolly briefs from our vendor. Warm-ups are an optional purchase and some other items are optional for non-competitive teams.

7)  Transportation to and from all practices and games. (Attendance at games is absolutely required). 


All paperwork, including:


  1. Original Birth Certificate (All New Players & Cheerleaders)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate stamped (if returned last year) for returning players/cheerleaders.
  3. 2017 Registration Form
  4. 2017 Medical Form (with Doctor signature after Jan 1st 2017)
  5. 2016-2016 Final Report Card 


All of the above paperwork MUST be completed and turned in on Paperwork Day.




Please be sure to check our website often at http://coventryrams.com for up to date information and the latest news.  We also have a facebook page which is updated regularly as well: https://www.facebook.com/Coventry-Rams-286784354719339/ 




TBA                Paper Work Day – RICE - 

August 1st      First Day of Practice

TBA                Team Photo Day

TBA                Round Robin Football           

TBA                Official Weigh-In

TBA                First Game

October          State Cheerleading Competition/Exhibition

November       Regional Cheerleading competition

November       Annual Football and Cheer Banquet





We will have a scheduled Paper Work Day in mid to late July.  Parents/Legal Guardians must submit all required paper work completed.  This helps to ensure that all players/cheerleaders can begin to practice Tuesday, August 1st. Please check back as we will post exact date once the borad confirms it.

No exceptions will be allowed.   





All football players and cheerleaders must participate in one mandatory fundraiser that requires each person to sell ten (10) Raffle Tickets.   More information will be forthcoming once the season begins.  It will be the only fundraising activity that the players/cheerleaders participate in.  The Board throughout the year has various fundraisers to offset the expenses of the program.





Finally, we are always looking for volunteers.  ALL parents are expected to volunteer in some capacity.  You will be asked to help in our snack shack, keep the field area clean, run the chains, or assist with MPR’s during the season.  Please speak to your son or daughters coach or team parent if you have a preference.   Volunteers are only needed for an hour or two - the success of our program depends on all of us - PLEASE SIGN UP!  Feel free to call any board member listed on this letter, or speak to one of the coaches at practice.  Remember, without volunteers, this program and the dreams of our children to be a football player or cheerleader would not be possible. 


On behalf of all the coaches and board members, I would like to wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable summer.  We look forward to seeing you in August for the beginning of another successful football season.





Lou Simon


Coventry Rams